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Individuals from throughout the community and beyond have endorsed and supported Master Instructor Mike March, Mike March's Korean Karate, and the art of Tang Soo Do. Below you will find just a few of the many testimonials and endorsements Master March has received.

Midnight Blue / Black Belts

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”I met Master March in 1974 when his club was training at the Read Field House - Western Michigan University (Handball Court #9, I believe). I joined the club almost immediately and have been active as a member of his organization ever since (maybe not so active lately...)!

His tireless devotion to Tang Soo Do (the lifestyle, as well as the fighting art) is still inspiring. He helped many of us hone our skills mentally, spiritually, as well as physically! The quality of instruction in his classes was second to none, and neither were his expectations of his students! To this day, I am proud to be a part of his organization and for the past 3 decades or so, I've been able to watch and interact with other martial arts organizations, big and small. I can say without hesitation that Master March's organization continues to offer the highest quality training and continues with it's commitment to the highest standards in physical discipline and integrity!

In college (way back in the 70s!), our club was one of the most respected (and sometimes feared) around! I clearly remember times when we would walk into a karate tournament and hear others actually say amongst themselves, "Shoot, look who's here!" The implication was undeniable!  Just about every one of our clubmembers would take at least one trophy home that day! There was a period of several years, when Mike’s

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students would "clean up" at any tournament that they entered and I was proud to be a member of the club at that exciting time! Throughout the decades that I trained with Master March, I honed the skills in all aspects of my life, not just in the training hall! Training with him improved my mental discipline and concentration; my physical strength, balance and agility, my self-confidence and my poise. These qualities have been applied to all other aspects of my life, so I am indebted to Master Mike March and his organization for these positive lifelong qualities!” - Floyd Soo, 5th Dan, USKKA (Clarkston, Mi.)


"The martial arts are about self defense. Master March instructs in a manner such that you will be capable of defending yourself in real life defensive situations. This is not simply "point karate..., you receive excellent

instruction, the classes are fun, and benefit from a great overall body workout; enhancing flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular health." Master March is an educator with advanced academic degrees. Students grow not only in their physical skills, but also their mental skills. Students are taught martial arts traditions, discipline, and focus. These traits are not only taught, but modeled." - Tom Shull, 2nd Dan, USKKA (Kalamazoo, MI)

Vince Jump Kick

One week before Master March's wedding in 1972 the Detroit All-Stars went on to fight the L.A. All-Star team coached by Chuck Norris. Master March's Detroit All-Stars team was defeated by one point but was redeemed by a standing ovation from the Los Angeles crowd. As the coach of the Detroit All-Stars, Mike had to fight the coach from the L.A. All-Stars; nationally ranked John Natividad nicknamed “Giant Killer”. Mike defeated John Natividad in this match.

I sometimes reminisce about the super 8mm film that my brother shot in the mid 70’s at the Michigan State Fair Grounds. The film was a tournament between an Ohio team and the Detroit All-Stars of which Master March was the Captain of at the time. Most of the fighters on the team, including Master March, were nationally ranked. Some of his team members were Chester Zajac, Johnny Lee, "Monster Man" Everett Eddy, Robb "Dragon" Hogan and Willie Adams. When it was Master Marches turn to fight, he in absolutely CLASSIC Tang Soo Do form threw two punches, a round kick, and a jump spin kick. All the while his opponent, Jim LaRocco, saw these (telegraphed) actions and stayed out of harms way and with a rock step started to move in after the first jump spin kick. Yes, I did say ”FIRST” jump spin kick! As soon as Mike landed from the first jump spin kick, he immediately sprang up with a second, without hesitation! The second jump spin kick whizzed inches by the Jim’s head as he had thought he timed Mikes first four actions and was moving in for the counter attack! WOW. The flags in the background went SNAPPING up into the air as that had to be one of the most beautiful, classic TSD combinations ever used in a ring. The “telegraphed” actions were just the hook & line and the second jump spin was the sinker.

Attached is a picture at my 2nd Dan testing where I did the very same jump spin kick mentioned above. It was during the board breaking section of my test where I did a standing spin kick followed by a jump spin kick. This kick was taught to me by Master March and became one of my favorites as well.

Vince Jump Spin Kick-small

Mike was also chosen for a General Motors advertisement as he was able to do a side jump kick over a Corvette. Unfortunately, the ad never ran.

Master March and "Monster Man" Everett Eddy repeated the jump kick for the photographers of Professional Karate Magazine for the 1974 Summer issue. The magazine chose Karate Institute (KI) of Detroit as the #1 Karate club in North America. Master March was one of the chief instructors for KI at this time.

Master March has also accumulated an enormous amount of trophies. These trophies where won during the era when the tournaments were lean and mean. These trophies were earned in the martial arts school of hard knocks, where mouth guards and cups were just being introduced into the arts.

Master March was always trying new methods for developing endurance, technique, form etc. A decade before aerobic Kick boxing became vogue; Mike brought in a cassette player into the dojang and we did our actions repeatedly to the beat of the music!

He has been an awesome role model in the high schools that he is involved with. He is a fit, talented martial artist as well as a great friend! - Vincent Soo, 4th Dan, USKKA, (Kalamazoo, MI)


“Master March is an experienced instructor who works well with students of all ages and all levels, male and female. I looked around before I started, and I’m sure this is the best club in town.” - Sybil R., (Kalamazoo, MI)

I've known Mr. March since he was a principal at my high school; he is gentle, intelligent, and a wonderful educator. I went through a frightening divorce and taking self-defense classes from Master March proved to me that I didn't have to be afraid, that I could protect myself from being hurt. His teaching methods and anecdotes breakdown the hardest moves into the simplest blocks that are easy to achieve. He explains the purpose behind the moves, and further explains how you can put them into practice. I felt so empowered from that class that I now have joined Master March's Karate Club and am learning Tang Soo Do. - Becky N., (Kalamazoo, MI)


Our 14-year-old son and my husband are both martial art students of Master March. Since joining Master March's classes in 2002, we have witnessed our son's school report cards and his self-confidence improve. They've even convinced several of their friends to become part of the karate family. We are privileged to learn from such a highly respected and skilled Master as Master Instructor Michael March. - Terri M., (Kalamazoo, MI)