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Black Belt testing here in Kalamazoo on the 30th of June 2012 was a great success! Mike McNamara, Mark Kenney Sr., Catalina Kenney from Master Floyd Soo’s club; and Joe Bennett from our club all tested together and were promoted together. All four did a great job and should be proud of themselves.

Master March's opening remarks
Preparing for their test...
The Testing Board
Joe performing his bo kata
Mike counter attacking on Joe
Mark finishing up Chil Sung Sahm Ro
Mark Sr. and Mark Jr.
Mike Park running the show!
Joe taking Mike down
Joe smashing thru 4 inches, no problem!
Catalina Kenney going thru the slabs like paper!
Mike McN blasting thru 5 inches!
Mark Kenney smashing 3 inches UNSPACED!
Group shot
Certificates and new Black Belts in hand!
Traditional pic after BB testing!

Congratulations to Catalina, Mike, Mark and Joe on their promotions! Thanks to the Drouillard’s for honoring us with their presence and to the Bennett Family for hosting the after test party at their family home on Austin Lake, it was an awesome way to top off a great morning of Tang Soo Do!

KangUkLee Group_WEB

Master March is seated in the front row, 2nd from the left. Master Vince Soo is standing at the far left. Master Annie Soo-Mott is standing in the middle row, 3rd from the right. Master Floyd Soo is seated in the front row, 3rd from the right.

Mike jump front in Hawaii-c
Kuznicki testing

Congratulations to Mike Park and Jason Klimp on their promotion to 1st Degree Black Belt on the 20th of November! Mike and Jason both train with Master Mike March. USKKA members from all over the Lower Peninsula traveled to Master March’s club in Kalamazoo for the Testing and Free-Sparring Seminar, as well as the dinner party afterwards.

Mike Park 1stDan
Jason Klimp1stDan

Congratulations Master March on your promotion to 7th Degree Black Belt! 

On the 17th of October 2010, in Elk Grove Village, IL, Grand Master Chung Il Kim (10th Dan) awarded Master March his 7th Dan. (Master Floyd Soo was promoted to 6th Dan on the same day.)

Look at Photo Album 4 for photos from this event.

Floyd & Mike's test - 82-b

Check out the new photos of magazine and newspaper coverage of Master March’s competitive career in Photo Album 2.

Master March’s All Day Free-Sparring was a great success. There were over two dozen participants from all over the State of Michigan. A good time was had by all, and the icing on the cake was that everyone had a chance to “tweak” their sparring skills. Thanks go out to all the participants!

Mike's Sparring Seminar Nov 09 group-b

Master Mike March’s Free-Sparring Seminar 14 Nov 2009 - Standing in back row: Danny K., Mike McN., Mark K. Sr., Catalina K., Mark K. Jr., John G. Standing front row: Jacob K., Mike M., Faith M., Tyler G., Dan S., Steve B., Jason C., Mstr. Bill F., Mstr. Floyd Soo, Mstr. Mike March. Kneeling: Catherine M., Kevin S., Duncan T., Tyler D., Terri B., Molly G. Seated in chair, John C., Seated on floor: Athan W., Samantha R., Cole D., Andrew P. (Alberto H., not pictured)


KJN Chung Il Kim presenting a certificate to Master March, Oct 09


Master March at the head of the line during KJN Kim’s TSD seminar, Oct 09

Whole Group1

The Tang Soo Do seminar led by Kwan Jang Nim Chung Il Kim was another great success! All those who were in attendance were wowed by his knowledge and physical ability. Thanks go out to all who attended!

Some of the dignitaries in attendance included Grand Master Dale Drouillard, 9th Dan; seated in the center of the Master’s row with suit and tie on. To his left is Grand Master Chung Il Kim, 10th Dan; Master Patrick Kennedy, 4th Dan; Master Vince Soo, 4th Dan and Master Greg Mikl, 4th Dan. To Grand Master Drouillard’s right is Master Mike March, 6th Dan (now 7th Dan); Master Floyd Soo, 5th Dan (now 6th Dan) and Master John Sczomak, 4th Dan. Standing at the far left in black pants is Master Mike Smith, 5th Dan.

Kim, March, Soo c

Master Mike March, 6th Dan (now 7th Dan); Grand Master Chung Il Kim, 10th Dan & Master Floyd Soo, 5th Dan (now 6th Dan) at a recent Tang Soo Do seminar in the Detroit area where Grand Master Kim showed everyone he is STILL one of the “Best of the Best”!